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This is our signature class: Pilates executed on the Reformer is the “core” of our studio offerings!  The Reformer is a bed-like frame with a moveable carriage where clients sit or recline to perform Pilates strength exercises and stretch without putting stress on the joints. The Reformer creates resistance while working against spring tension and will transform your body from head to toe. Classes are limited to 4, so your instructor will be able to focus on you and your Pilates experience.

Burn at the Barre

No bun or tutu required here! Barre workouts, a national fitness trend, sculpt and tone major muscle groups creating a long, lean physique while improving stamina and increasing flexibility. Burn at the Barre offers all the strengthening benefits—without bulking—using light weights, tubing, Swiss and medicine balls and, of course, barre exercises. Come join us at the barre!

Single class:  $32
Package of 4 reformer classes:  $112
Package of 8 reformer classes:  $192


Looking for private or semi-private classes?


Looking for private or semi-private classes?

A few notes about our classes...

Please note that there are always special circumstances which we would be glad to discuss with you.  If you have any questions please e-mail us at: